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A Filter For Every Season

Nature sends millions of pollen grains into the air as a part of the reproductive cycle of trees, grasses, and plants. These particles cause allergic reactions in a large part of the population, especially children with developing lung tissue.

Click on tabs above to see how each Four Seasons filter is designed to capture specific contaminants while providing the right amount of air flow for your heating and air conditioning system.

Autumn Allergen Home Air Filter

Weeds Pollen Meter

Z-Line Carbotron High Velocity Media

During the winter, our tightly sealed homes trap dust, pet dander,and hair, along with chemical vapors from candles, cooking, and hobbies. The viruses, germs and bacteria of flu season add to the unhealthy mix.

The Carbotron filter is constructed of activated carbon fibers with millions of tiny openings that absorb smoke, odor, bacteria and VOC gas molecules from the air.

Odor Removal – Bacteria & Virus – High Dust Capacity

Autumn Allergen Home Air Filter

Weeds Pollen Meter

Z-Line Extended-Surface Media

During the months of Spring, the trees release millions of pollen spores into the air. The high-particle capacity of the soft fiber Spring filter media scrubs the air of most of the airborne contaminants.

The pleated radial configuration and heavy duty metal grid reinforcement stops air by-pass and provides extra strength for higher volumes of particulates.

Pollen Capture – Balanced Air Flow – High Dust Capacity

Autumn Allergen Home Air Filter

Weeds Pollen Meter

Z-Line HV Series, Extended Surface

Summer is when many grasses pollinate. Our lighter density MERV 8 media surface captures these grains as well as the higher volume of dust and pet dander brought in from outside activities and yard work.

The humidity of Summer creates the need for added air flow to the AC coils. This higher volume increases dehumidification and prevents the harmful condition of the A-Coil icing over.

High Volume Air Flow – Dust & Dander – Grass Pollens

Autumn Allergen Home Air Filter


Weeds Pollen Meter

Z-Line Extended-Surface Media

During the days of Autumn, millions of ragweed and sagebrush pollen spores are released into the air. In addition, mold and mildew from falling leaves and compost piles add to the mix.

The high-particle capacity of the soft fiber Autumn filter media scrubs the air of this complex mix of airborne contaminants.

Pollen Capture – Balanced Air Flow – High Dust Capacity

Autumn Allergen Home Air Filter

The Type Of Filter Matters

Premium allergen filters are the most cost effective solution for controlling indoor air pollutants.

Low Priced Filters

  • No matter the brand, all dust filters have one thing in common – they’re cheap.

    For less than ten bucks, these cut-rate filters, with flimsy media-fiber and and a thin cardboard frame stop little more than hair balls, and the largest dust particles.

    The small cost savings is lost by the nose and eye irritations resulting from contaminants recirculating in your home.

Four Seasons High Efficiency Allergen Filters

  • 4seasonslogoAAllergen filters cost a little more, but add significant value and health benefits in two important ways.

    First, the dense media is designed to capture smaller particles including pet dander, powder, mold spores, and pollen. The black carbon fiber media captures gasses, smoke, odors and harmful chemical vapors.

    In addition, the extended fibers, water resistant frame and reinforced wire grid provides stability and the constant balanced air flow necessary for efficient furnace operation.

Low Cost - Low Benefits

  • Budget quality dust and lint filters do not provide enough density to effectively clean the air in your home. Even if they are changed every 30 days, contaminants circulate freely throughout the home.

The Perfect Solution

  • The Four Seasons Allergen Air Filter Solution is the perfect full year air filter solution for your home. It improves the indoor air quality of your home and provides proper air flow for your HVAC system. We also provide email reminder notices and disposal bags for each filter change.

High Cost - Lost Benefits

  • The More-is-better approach can reduce the effectiveness of your HVAC system. Expensive electronic and HEPA rated filters can capture the tiniest particles, they can also restrict air flow & increase energy costs.